About B-Natural Snacks


First in New England.

As the first Online and In-Store Snack Subscription Service in New England, we are proud of our origins in New Haven, Connecticut.  We have been serving Yale and other students, residents and visitors since 2004.

We believe your body is your most precious asset. What you feed it should be just as important. Snacking through the day fuel and energize our bodies as we carry out our daily tasks. At B-Natural Snacks we create all-natural and organic mixed nuts, mixed dried fruits, mixed seeds and other snack creations just for you. We do this  to promote a healthy snacking lifestyle for our snackers and to help them maintain a healthy body, especially for active, health-conscious individuals. We take snacking seriously, and believe our customers should eat the most natural, healthy snacks possible.

We do  this by preparing our snacks fresh, the day they are shipped to our customers, ensuring they arrive "kitchen-to-table fresh."  We never use preservatives, additives or exotic chemicals to process our snacks, so our snackers can be assured that they are eating delicious healthy snacks every time.

That's B-Natural Snacks' Promise!
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